Top 5 Reasons for Cooling With a Water Chiller

Top 5 Reasons for Cooling With a Water Chiller

Did you know water chillers are cheaper to purchase and install than traditional A/C units? They can also cut your energy bill in half.

When considering options for cooling your high-priority environment, there are a number of reasons for choosing traditional A/C service. Afterall, traditional A/C manufacturers and technicians have reputations for consistency after decades of reliable service. Why would you go with someone else?

It turns out that traditional A/C is not the only way to cool your space. Cooling with a water chiller offers advantages you will never get any other way. Here are the top 5 reasons that a water chiller may offer the best value for your cooling dollar.


    $$$ - REAL DOLLARS. Water-cooled solutions save you money.
    Startup costs for water-cooled air conditioning are up to 30% less than traditional A/C.
    This is a considerable cost savings on a long-lived depreciable asset.

    $$$ - REAL DOLLARS. Water-cooled solutions save you more money.
    Running costs are up to 50% less than traditional A/C.
    How much is your A/C bill these days?
  3. DIY!

    Traditional HVAC installations require the assistance of certified HVAC technicians. Do you want strangers visiting your operation?
    With water cooled systems you can do most of the installation yourself -- no certified HVAC technicians required! This saves you both money and risk, and what's more you can install your system to your own plan and specifications.

    Because water chiller based systems are so much simpler to (un)install, you may very well be able to take your upgrades with you to your next facility!
    While installing and uninstalling water chiller systems isn't trivially "easy", it's a very practical task for most mechanically inclined users. This is a huge advantage over traditional HVAC systems which require very careful, skilled attention by certified HVAC service technicians in order to (un)install a large system.
    *Note: Please be sure to consult your landlord, leasing agent, and ultimately the terms of your lease to be sure you're specifically allowed to take your upgrades with you when you leave! This is critically important and something you should require in writing before installing facility upgrades in your space.
    Water chillers allow "spot cooling" as needed with portable units. Setup is simple, requiring only water lines and an electrical outlet.

    One of the most commonly cited grow room design objectives is to build flexibility into the system:
    improving ROI by sharing expensive HVAC resources across heat loads by load balancing air handlers and other heat exchangers with 12/12 or other split lighting cycles, adding inexpensive redundancies, and allowing options for portability to spot chill. Moreover, water cooled systems are more easily uninstalled than traditional HVAC systems, so you can keep your investment and move it to your next grow room.
    Moving air handlers around is very simple, especially with our portability kit, and allows you to quickly reconfigure your grow room to achieve new designs and fine tune air flow.
    Perhaps most valuable of all, is that our Chillx and Chillking water chillers can be expanded with modular expansion chillers, so your system can grow as your operation grows, or your grow room design evolves with new methods and objectives!