ChillX - Water-cooled & Stand-alone Dehumidifiers

We offer a complete line of dehumidifiers with designs and options for just about any application, including: air-cooled, water-cooled, stand-alone, portables, ceiling and wall mounted, as well our very popular and amazingly efficient ChillX water-cooled air handler / dehumidifiers.

Our air handlers with dehumidification upgrades are considerably less expensive to buy and operate than competitors' dedicated dehus of similar capacities. Coupling these dehu enabled air handlers with our "Hot Gas Recovery" (HGR) chiller option these dehu-capable units can dehumidify with a neutral temp output using free heat energy from your chiller! This means lower electric bills, more consistent temperature control, and ultimately more efficient operation which saves power that you can apply where it counts!

The first big decision to make about dehumidification is whether to do it with a chilled water supply as a directly water-cooled dehu, as a water-cooled dehumidifier (with refrigeration circuit built-in), or as an air-cooled dehumidifier (with refrigeration circuit built-in). If you already have a chilled water supply, then the choice is probably an easy one. If you don't have a chilled water supply available an air-cooled dehumdifier would be the most turn-key, but a water-cooled system is still worth considering.

Stand-alone Dehumidifiers (Air-Cooled)

  • Designed primarily for maximum PPD performance.
  • DehuDRY dehumidifiers include several pre-cooling, and re-heating upgrades to improve capacity and efficiency.
  • Modular dehumidifiers offer scalability and redundancy options you won't find anywhere else.
  • Options available for surface or ceiling mount.

MASS Dehu-Enabled Water-Cooled Air Handlers

  • Are significantly less expensive.
  • Offer some of the best operating costs of any solution available.
  • Very flexible option to multitask units both with cooling and dehumidification.
  • One of the best options to reduce Amps leaving you more electric capacity to apply where it really counts!

Water-cooled Dehumidifiers

  • Barring suitable geothermal options (rare for most applications), water-cooled chillers/air-conditions/dehumidifiers are some the most efficient options available in their respective category.
  • Lower condensing temps mean compressors work less hard to do the same task -- in most cases, holding condensing temps in the 80's means a 30-40% power savings over typical air-cooled condensing systems.
  • Water-cooled dehumidifiers use the same condensing principles to extract moisture from the air as an air-cooled design, but it does so without adding unnecessary heat to the space, and consumes much less power.

Portable Dehumidifiers

  • Options available for small portable water-cooled dehus (70 PPD).
  • Portability kits available for larger water-cooled air handlers (270-675 PPD).
  • Stand-alone dehumidifiers can be upgraded with caster wheels or field mounted to a utility cart (510-1530 PPD).

Ceiling Mounted Dehumidifiers

  • DehuDRY dehumidifiers come standard with brackets for ceiling mount.
  • DehuDRY carriage upgrades are available to ceiling or surface mount 2 or 3 DehuDRY units together in the same cabinet.
  • ChillX water-cooled air handlers can be mount vertically or horizontally, and with or with out a plenum supply. Many installations call for these to be ceiling or wall mounted.
DehuDRY - High Capacity Scalable Dehumidifiers

DehuDRY's quest to design a superior dehumidifier has yielded the ultimate value combination of price and performance unrivaled by any other brand on the market today, while not compromising on features that matter most -- performance, reliability, efficiency, scalability, and value.


DehuDry dehumidifiers have stainless steel cabinets offer many years of clean operation.

The condensate pan is durable pressed steel that's powder coated for maximum rust prevention.

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