Portable Air Handlers

Portable Water Cooled Air Handlers

Some of our air handlers offer an optional portability kit upgrade which includes: custom frame, casters, and hood. These kits offer users the flexibility to spot chill and general portability for your water cooled system. Simply mount your air handler to the frame, run chilled water lines from your ChillX chiller system, and off you go! Our kits are a much more convenient, efficient, and affordable option than any self contained portable A/C unit on the market today.

Zephaire - (n)Ice Box Air-to-water Heat Exchanger Rendering

Our new (n)Ice Box Air-to-water heat exchangers offer a great deal of function and flexibility in a small package. These are available with either 6" round flanges, or 8" round flanges. Future models will also incoporate a filter slot, condensate drain, and alternate field-replaceable flange plates for different flange combinations

ChillX - 2 - 5 Ton Budget Water-Cooled Air Handlers

These are the newest addition to our water-cooled air handler line. They come standard with many built-in features and available upgrades. With the same up/down/horizontal flow flexibility as our larger residential style air handlers, they can be deployed for almost any application. The cabinet's are a heavy gauge embossed galvanized steel -- front and top panels are painted gray. This heavy duty exterior offers corrosion resistance and durability for a long life of reliable performance, even in the harshest commercial environment.

ChillX - Pair of 5 Ton Residential Water Cooled Air Handlers

The new cabinet design of our water cooled residential air handler includes a number of feature upgrades which offer unrivaled installation flexibility and a greatly simplified installation process. The cabinet's galvanized leather-grain embossed finish offers heavy duty corrosion resistance for a long life of reliable performance, even in the harshest commercial environment. We build each unit to spec with custom water cooled coils (and custom water heated coils if requested) designed and manufactured in-house.