Compact Chillers

Compact Chillers

Don't let the compact size fool you -- there is a lot of power packed into this small footprint! Our compact commercial grade chillers are designed by the same team which designed our largest chillers, and these compact units are built on the same manufacturing line too! Consider them the 100 ton's scrappy cousin.

Powered by custom designed and hand crafted reservoirs and evaporators manufactured in-house, these units offer the same performance guarantees and warranties as our largest systems. Pound for pound, these units offer the highest performance and value of any chiller on the market today.

EcoPlus - Budget Fractional Process Chillers

Ecoplus chillers are a great, value-oriented alternative to our built-to-spec self-contained chillers.

ChillX - 1/4 - 1 Ton Compact Low Temp Chillers W/ Res

Our Compact Low Temp (LT) chillers are ideal for the budget-minded user and too little space for larger equipment. These very efficient mobile chillers can be used at a wide range of operating temps (from 60F all the way down to 25F!) and are just as happy indoors as outdoors. These units spare no features and even come standard with caster wheels for easy mobility and a performance optimized microcontroller which makes efficient operation at very low temps possible. These units are packed with features and a great price too!

ChillX - 1.5 - 10 Ton Compact Commercial Extra Low Temp Chillers

Our newest line of compact commercial multi-temp (range) chillers offers a number of performance and upgradable features over our simpler compact designs. Most of all, these compact commercial units provide an efficient range of operating temps even at high ambient, and with an upgrade to R404A these units can produce a wider range of low temps as well. By default, this line of chiller includes caster wheels for greater mobility, a performance optimized micro-controller unit, and several freeze measurements for durability and long term performance ... just to name a few!

ChillX - Compact Water Chiller

This super efficient, quiet, and impressively compact chiller system was specifically designed for the hydroponic and brewing industries. These units are built to the highest standard, right here in the USA!

A great deal of research, engineering, and creativity goes into every product we offer. Built in the USA by expert craftsman, our chillers are custom designed by a team of engineers with decades of experience in all manner of commercial refrigeration applications. You won't find a more thoughtfully considered chiller solution anywhere else.