ChillX - 2 - 5 Ton Budget Water-Cooled Air Handlers

ChillX - 2 Ton Budget Water-Cooled Air Handler
ChillX - 2 - 5 Ton Budget Water-Cooled Air Handlers

Product Dimensions: 
21 × 17.5 × 39.75 in
118 lb
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These are the newest addition to our water-cooled air handler line. They come standard with many built-in features and available upgrades. With the same up/down/horizontal flow flexibility as our larger residential style air handlers, they can be deployed for almost any application. The cabinet's are a heavy gauge embossed galvanized steel -- front and top panels are painted gray. This heavy duty exterior offers corrosion resistance and durability for a long life of reliable performance, even in the harshest commercial environment. Base units are generally in stock and ready to ship, though electric and water heat upgrades are built to customer spec, and may add to lead times. These units come with our standard, 1 year limited warranty, and industry leading support!

Installation Features

  • Easy, front-load filter access
  • Uses inexpensive, standard-size air filters -- (single disposable filter included)
  • Can be oriented for horizontal right/left flow, or vertical upflow/downflow installations
  • Multiple electrical knockouts
  • Coil-mounting track for quick repositioning of cooling/heating coils
  • Drain pans are comprised of durable, non-corrosive plastic, and meet ASHRAE standards for IAQ
  • Drain pans have primary and secondary drains for either left or right hand connections
  • Shallow depth for easier attic or utility room access
  • Blower assembly slides out for easy maintenance
  • All units are suitable for "0"-inch clearance to combustible materials

Performance Features

  • Direct-drive, multi-speed motor allows for variable airflow for both heating and cooling applications
  • Custom cooling coil(s) for optimal performance over a long product life time
  • All units have 1" foil faced insulation
  • Include a freeze protection switch
  • Include a compressor lockout switch
  • Cabinet is heavy gauge embossed galvanized steel substrate, with front and top panels pre-painted a durable neutral gray
  • Cabinet air leakage when tested in accordance with ASHRAE standard 193:
    • < 2.0% at 1.0 inch H2O
    • < 1.4% at 0.5 inch H2O
    • < 1.4% at 0.5 inch H2O
  • Transformer and blower time-delay
  • Glue-less cabinet insulation retention
  • ETL Listed!

Condensation Features

  • Improved condensate management
  • Extra drain holes for right or left condensate drainage
  • Foil-faced insulation covers the internal casing to reduce cabinet condensation
  • Pans are "dry" thus holding minimum water

Available Upgrades

  • Reheat & Mass Dehumidification feature provides up to 105 pints/day/ton!
  • 3 kW - 25 kW electric heater kits available -- customer can down size electric heat element if desired (let us know at time of order), otherwise electric heat upgrade capacities are:
    • 2 Ton Air Handler: 5kW
    • 3 Ton Air Handler: 5kW
    • 4 Ton Air Handler: 8kW
    • 5 Ton Air Handler: 10kW
    • All electric heat units are 208/230V 1-phase
    • Standard units with 12 KW electric heat or larger have a factory installed circuit breaker (UL Requirement)
    • All units 10 KW and smaller may be ordered with or without the circuit breaker option
    • Electric heat units are field convertible to downflow with factory conversion kit
  • Hot-water heat elements can be coupled with "hot gas recovery" (HGR) or separate boiler for inexpensive heat and dehumidification
  • Down-flow installation kit is required in order to mount this unit with down-flow orientation. All other mount options are supported by default -- horizontal (left and right), and vertical.


  • Cooling: 24,000 BTU
  • Air Flow @ 0.2": 1200/1020/870 CFM (Hi/Med/Lo Speeds)
  • Blower Motor: 1/3 HP
  • Heating: None (See Heat/Dehu Upgrade -- Options: 0 - 15kW)
  • Power Supply: 208/230 Volts Single Phase
  • Minimum Circuit Ampacity (MCA): 2.2 Amps
  • Maximum Overcurrent Protection (MOP): 15 Amps
  • Blower Motor: 1/4 HP
  • Full Load Amps (FLA): 1.9 Amps {Blower)


  • Width: 17.5 in
  • Depth: 21 in
  • Height: 39-3/4 in
  • Chilled Water Ports (In & Out): 1 in
  • Coil Drain Connect (FPT): 3/4 in
  • Filter Size: 16 x 20 x 1in

Product Manufacturer 

ChillX Chillers

ChillX Premium Water Chillers

ChillX premium water chillers are built using the highest quality components, including stainless steel reservoir, 1/2" foam insulation, and custom refrigeration evaporators manufactured in-house. Every ChillX water chiller is load tested and must produce at least 110% of the BTU rating for that system -- guaranteed! Our custom evaporators are as much as 20% more efficient than any other chiller on the market today!

A great deal of research, engineering, and creativity goes into every product offered by ChillX. Built in the USA by expert craftsman, ChillX chillers are custom designed by a team of engineers with decades of experience in all manner of commercial refrigeration applications. You won't find a more thoughtfully considered chiller solution anywhere else.

CHILLX Premium Water Chillers

The Most Efficient cooling solutions
For Your Environment.

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