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DehuDRY - 1 Ton Large Capacity Dehumidifier (235 PPD)
DehuDRY - High Capacity Scalable Dehumidifiers
DehuDRY - High Capacity Scalable DehumidifiersDehuDRY - 2 Ton High Capacity Dehumidifier (510 PPD)DehuDRY - 4 Ton High Capacity Dehumidifier With Carriage (1020 PPD)DehuDRY - Triple-Double 6 Ton High Capacity Dehumidifier (1530 PPD)

Product Dimensions: 
25 × 26.75 × 18 in
140 lb
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DehuDRY's quest to design a superior dehumidifier has yielded the ultimate value combination of price and performance unrivaled by any other brand on the market today, while not compromising on features that matter most -- performance, reliability, efficiency, scalability, and value.


DehuDry dehumidifiers have stainless steel cabinets offer many years of clean operation.

The condensate pan is durable pressed steel that's powder coated for maximum rust prevention.


DehuDRY engineering innovations yield a superior design with tried and true methods that make better use of energy and comprise the foundation of DehuDRY designs. The pans have innovative pressed passageways to direct chilled condensate over refrigeration lines to increase performance, and boost efficiency. A byproduct of dehumidification is chilled water; DehuDry uses this chilled water to eject heat which reduces pressure/load on the compressor. This results in less heat being discharged into the room, while also improving the energy efficiency of the compressor.

The moist humid air is first pulled through the air filter. DehuDry dehumidifiers are shipped with 3M corrugated filters. The moist air then crosses the chilled heat exchanger to remove the moisture from the air. This chilled air is then pulled across the condenser to cool the refrigerant. The near neutral temperature dry air is then discharged out the back.


After much study of the market, DehuDry decided it was best to offer a scalable dehumidification solution using a common modular unit that can be deployed as a 2 Ton, 4 Ton, or a 6 Ton dehumidifier. Using multi-tier carriage design it's easy to hang (2) or (3) 2 Ton dehumidifiers together in the same footprint. This is much better than a monolithic design where down time could have a more serious impact. In an uncertain world, it's nice to build systems from adaptable, modular components. DehuDRY scalability allows for you to easily expand or redistribute your dehumidification system as your business needs grow and evolve. DehuDRY chose to do this with a standardized modular dehumidifier design, coupled with optional tiered carriage upgrades. This also provides for the best kind of full redundancy at a granular but still practical level.

DehuDry currently offers this modular design in three capacities:

  • 2 ton (24,000 BTU / 510 pint)
  • 4 ton (48,000 BTU / 1020 pint) (4 Ton Carriage Included)
  • 6 ton (72,000 BTU / 1530 pint) (6 Ton Carriage Included)


  • Performance & Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Redundancy
  • Scalability
  • Value!


  • Largest Total PPD Capacity On the Market Today!
  • Better Price (15-20% better Price-Per-PPD than other leading brands' overhead dehu units!)
  • Most Efficient Operating Cost (Lower pint-per-kW than leading brand's overhead dehus)
  • Filter Slot For Standard/Off-the-Shelf Air Filters
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • Simple Set-it-and-forget-it Controls
  • Pressed Steel Powder Coated Drain Pan
  • Energy Conservation & Re-use Upgrades (Pre-cool & Re-heat)
  • Ceiling Mount Standard (Surface Mount Kit Optional)
  • All Units Ship With A Power Cord



  • “Brand X” 876 produces up to 876 pints
  • DehuDry 235 produces up to 235 pints
  • DehuDry 510 produces up to 510 pints
  • DehuDry 1020 produces up to 1020 pints
  • DehuDry 1530 produces up to 1530 pints


  • “Brand X” 877 dimensions 29”W x 45”L x 34”H = *44,370
  • DehuDry 1020 Solution 24”W x 27”L x 38”H = *24,624
  • DehuDry 1530 Solution 24”W x 27”L x 58”H = *37,534
  • *All Fractional numbers are rounded up.


  • “Brand X” 876 nominal 230V requires 24.7 Amps during dehumidification = 5.681 kW
  • DehuDry 510 nominal 230V requires 11.8 Amps = 2.714 kW
  • DehuDry 1020 nominal 230V requires 11.8 Amps per DehuDry 510 & DehuDry 1020 requires 23.6 Amps total. 230V x 23.6 = 5.428 kW

* Power consumption (in Watts) is calculated by multiplying Volts x Amperage usage.

DehuDry = Less Watts. More Pints.


  • 2 or 3 Tier Carriage: Provides ceiling or surface mount options for easier scalability.
  • Surface Mount Kit: Adjustable feet for surface mounting.


  • Power: 1.35kW @ 115V
  • Capacity: 235 PPD
  • Dimensions:
    • LxWxH: 25"L x 26.75”W x 18”H = *24,624
    • Product Weight: 140 LBS
    • Shipping Weight: 190 LBS
  • Pre-cool: Standard
  • Re-heat: Standard
  • Cord Included
  • Warranty: 1 Year Compressor

Product Manufacturer 

DehuDRY Dehumidifiers

DehuDRY - Large Capacity Dehumidifiers

DehuDry saw the need for a competitively priced commercial dehumidifier that didn't compromise on the most important features. You will find that the DehuDry performs as well or better than the higher priced dehumidifiers. Innovative engineering has yielded dehumidification solutions that use tried and true methods to increase performance and efficiency -- Better serviceability. Excellent redundancy. Totally independent units.

Less Watts. More Pints.

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