Uvonair - Ozone Generators

Ozone Environmental Technologies has been manufacturing Commercial/Industrial Uvonair Ozonators since 1994!

All Uvonair products are manufactured at their head office/production facility in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada. Uvonair uses only the highest quality components in the production of their UltraViolet (UV) and Corona Discharge (CD) ozone generating systems. Uvonair product lines provide ultimate air deodorizing and purification for a variety of applications.

Uvonair - 8-inch CD-Inline Ducted Ozonator Corona Discharge (CD-800)

Ozone gas (O3) attacks and neutralizes odors at the source; eliminating odors caused by tobacco smoke, molds, mildew, and bacteria. It even tackles pungent odors from pets, cooking, and musky basements! When used responsibly, ozone is proven to kill 99.99% of harmful viruses and bacteria (like SARS), and may be beneficial in combating the COVID-19 Coronavirus!

Uvonair - 8-inch Ultra Violet (UV) Inline Ducted Ozonator w/ 2 Bulbs

Ozone safely alters the molecular structure of offensive micro-organisms to eliminate odor. Uvonair ozone generators are an economical solution that produce ozone using special ultra-violet light bulbs. Ideal for rooms up to 5000-10000 cu ft (150-300 m³); for scale, a room of 5000-10000cuft with 8' ceilings might be 625 sqft to 1250 sqft, eg: 20'x30' to 30'x40'. This Uvonair unit fits 8 in (20 cm) ducts, but can be installed into other size ducting with reducers/adapters.

Warning: For commercial use only in unoccupied areas. 6 month warranty on bulb.

Uvonair - 3000 Air Purifier - UV Ozone Generator

The Uvonair Odor Eliminators attack and neutralize odors at the source with one of nature’s most effective oxidizing agents using an economical system which produces ozone by UV bulbs. Operates for less than a 100 W light bulb. It eliminates odor, mold, bacteria, smoke, etc. Easy to use with no maintenance required. Uvonair® 3000 is for areas up to 3000 cu ft. Warning: For commercial use only in unoccupied areas. 6 month warranty on bulb.

The ONLY choice for quality industrial strength odor elimination! Ozone doesn't just mask odors, it destroys it!