Breweries often have demanding heating & cooling requirements in order to achieve optimal results during just about every step of the production process. We've gone to great lengths to enhance our chillers and heat exchanger products to enable the most cost effective and efficient application of cooling and heating for your brewing needs, including: Hot Gas Recovery, Low Temp and Ultra Low Temp options, custom designed wort chillers, and more!

Propylene Glycol Compatibility With Hydronic System Components

Propylene Glycol (PG) is the preferred and most common heat transfer fluid additive used in hydronic heating and cooling applications. It’s ubiquity makes it's cost and availability attractive in comparison to other engineered fluids. And the fact that it’s “non-toxic” makes it a relatively safe choice for most applications, including for food production, food processing, and food service.

Proper Use of PEX Pipe in Brewery Applications

PEX tubing with manifold


PEX is an excellent product when used properly.