PEX Pipe

Propylene Glycol Compatibility With Hydronic System Components

Propylene Glycol (PG) is the preferred and most common heat transfer fluid additive used in hydronic heating and cooling applications. It’s ubiquity makes it's cost and availability attractive in comparison to other engineered fluids. And the fact that it’s “non-toxic” makes it a relatively safe choice for most applications, including for food production, food processing, and food service.

Choosing the Right Type of PEX Pipe

What is PEX pipe?

PEX is a cross-linked plastic (polyethylene) material manufactured with softer, and more flexible characteristics. It's been used in potable water and many other manufacturing applications all over the world since the 1960's, and gained significant traction in Europe in the 1980's. It's only somewhat recently caught on in the US, but is largely replacing more traditional piping materials in new construction and renovation projects.

Proper Use of PEX Pipe in Brewery Applications

PEX tubing with manifold


PEX is an excellent product when used properly.